Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide you with water & electricity?

No, We bring all the water & electricity that we need. We carry enough water to wash 4 to 10 vehicles. The water is Deionized, Ultrapure Water from our filtration system in our garage. As far as electricity we use a quite inverter style 3200 watt generator. This gives us the 30 amps of electricity needed to run all of our equipment. The only thing that we need is the dirty vehicle and a place to clean it at. 

Whats the difference between Wax and Sealant?

Both provide the something, a protection from scratches and from the sun. However they both provide different types of protection for different lengths of time. So I have place a Pro and Cons list of both.

Sealant & Wax, What to know:

  • Sealant last up to 1 year or longer if you apply wax on top.
  • Wax last about 3 to 6 months.
  • You can not place sealant on top of wax, but you can place wax on top of sealant extending the life of the sealant.
  • Sealant is harder than wax.
  • Wax is thicker than Sealant Giving you deeper shine than sealant.
  • Almost all new cars coming off the lot will have a factory sealant on it, So protect it with some wax!
  • Wax bead water better than sealant and absorb the acid content in rain.
  • Wax can hide minor swirls in paint
  • Sealant will preserve the paint better than wax


Do we use steam to clean the carpet and seats?

The quick answer is no, we have a tool that is way better. We do have a steam cleaner, but that is for another post. Most people refer to a steam cleaner, but what they are asking for is a carpet extractor. A carpet extractor places hot water on the carpet and then the water and dirt are sucked out with a vacuum. The problem with this is that it leaves the carpet and seats very wet. It also does not clean very deep into the carpet.

We use a Tornador, which is a pneumatic tool that blows air and cleaners deep into the carpet leaving the carpet very clean. This brings all the dirt to the surface so that it can be vacuumed up or pulled up with at towel. The Tornador uses very little water, we dry the carpet with a towel. 

Here are a few videos showing the Tornador in action

Where did you get that trailer?

Our trailer is made by a company in Texas called Logoboats and is a  Yuppie Wagon.  (Buy)

Yuppie Wagon Trailer (Enclosed Composite Shell) - Click Image to Close

The Yuppie Wagon trailer offers an absolutely perfect match in providing the ideal towing option for just about any “regular” car, automobile, vehicle, truck, or SUV (small or large).. small vehicles can effortlessy tow it, and larger vehicles won’t even notice it’s being towed addition to countless benefits including far improved gas milage and reducing wear and tear on your vehicle when towing..

Weighing in at just over 450lbs, the Yuppie Wagon Trailer is one of the most effortless travel trailers to tow and yet also offers “real” cargo room ..thats over 96 cubic feet of enclosed weather resistant cargo transport storage, compared to other glorified rolling tool boxes which claim to offer light weight trailer solutions.. The Yuppie Wagon Enclosed Lightweight Trailer is a true light weight tralier solution ideally suited for small cars and automobiles, and equally ideal for full size vehicles and trucks/SUVs..

The Yuppie Wagon trailer is your perfect light weight traveling companion or around-town friend…works hard and never talks back or knows a better road than the one you are on. Whether you are running a race, running the road or running away, the Yuppie Wagon is always behind you. So easy to setup, durable, lightweight and aerodynamic, you may forget your being followed…

The Ultimate Light Weight Trailer Solution

From WindBone Kiteboarding, your Yuppie Wagon Trailer Specialists!!

Yuppie Wagion Specifications:

    • Max GVW: 2,000 LBS
    • Curb Weight: 460LBS (Empty Weight)
    • Hitch/Tongue Weight: 46LBS
    • GVWR: 1404LBS
      (w/std 12″ Wheels; 1860LBS with 13″ Wheel Option)
    • Payload Capacity: 944LBS
      (w/std 12″ Wheels; 1400LBS with 13″ Wheel Option)
    • Payload Volume: 96.6 Cu. Ft.
    • Axle: 2000LB Spring Type
    • Tire Load Range: B (35 PSI, 4-Ply)
    • Wheels: 12″ Steel 5-Bolt/4.5″ Bolt Centers
      (Chrome & 13″ wheel options avaiable)
    • Floor: Plywood
      (1/2 – 5/8″ Pressure Treated Plywood)
    • Main Frame Construction: 2″ x 2″ Angle Iron and box tubing
    • Cross Member: 2″ x 2″ Angle Iron
    • Tongue Construction: 2″ x 3″ Removable Tubular
    • Coupler Size: 2″
      (1-7/8″ available option)
    • Shell Construction: Lightweight Roto-Molded Polyethylene
    • Deck Height: 15″ to 18″
    • Axle: 2000 lbs. 48 x 58 5 Lug Under Slung 20″ Springs
    • Brakes: None
    • Size: 4 FT. X 7 FT.
      • Overall Body Length: 87″
      • Overall Body Width: 49″
      • Overall Length: 128″
      • Overall Width: 69″
      • Overall Height: 66″
      • Interior Length: 86″
      • Interior Width: 44.5″
      • Interior Height: 48″
      • Platform Height: 17″
    • Rear Door Opening Size: 36″ wide 44″ inches tall.
      • Door Height: 43″
      • Door Width: 35″
    • Standard Features:

      • Safety Chains
      • Full Lighting Package
      • Std 4 Prong Trailer Wiring Electrical Plug
      • Removable Tongue Hitch
      • Single Rear Door >> Side Opening or Ramp Gate
        (w/ Clamp Lock Latch and License Plate Mount/Light)
      • Various Base Color Options
        (Custom Color Options Availble)
    • Additional Custom Options:
      • See Below for Std Selectable Accessory Options
      • Contact Us for additional special options such as custom colors, trailer stands, rock gurards, requests, etc..