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Leather cleaning & Conditioning

We clean all the leather in your car and apply Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner on it.

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner nourishes and restores leather pieces with a like-new look and feel. Unlike cheaper leather care products, Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner is free of any petroleum bases and caustic chemicals that dry leather out, cause fading and discoloring, and leave a shiny finish with greasy feel. The refined water-based formula is blended with Vitamin E and Aloe extracts to moisturize leather pieces to restore a soft, supple feel. Leather is skin, and if neglected, it can crack, burn, fade, and discolor. Normal wear and tear from getting in and out of the car can cause cracking and breaking of leather pieces on bolsters and seats, and dried out leather speeds up this process. Work Leather Conditioner into the leather hide just like lotion into skin to moisturize and nourish leather upholstery inside any automobile. Treat leather seats, dashboards, door panels, center consoles, armrests, and even headliners found in any automobile. Leather Conditioner contains no caustic ingredients, and is safe to use on any natural leather, durable sealed leather, and synthetic vinyl leather upholstery. Experienced detailers even take Leather Conditioner into the home or office to restore furniture, apparel, and accessories with the soft silky touch of fresh new leather. Regular treatments with Leather Conditioner help prevent a dried out look and feel that leads to cracking on older leather pieces. Restore and protect leather car parts before they require expensive refurbishment with Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner.


Versatile Formula

Conditioning your leather is the key to maintaining the original appearance and natural feel. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner is specifically formulated to restore and maintain all types of leather goods and surfaces. Nourish and protect leather seats, dashboards, and door panels with Leather Conditioner to help prevent cracking and fading caused by normal wear and tear. The refined water-based formula works across all types of natural leather, sealed leather, and synthetic leather upholstery for ultimate versatility in, and around any automobile. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner helps nourish and protect leather in your car to prevent the need for expensive refurbishments down the line. The gentle formula conditions any color leather without damaging the dyes or texture. Works great on black, tan, cream, blue, brown, and white leather surfaces for perfect results in minutes. The versatile formula works on virtually any leather surface, including upholstery, hand bags, shoes, purses, accessories, sofas, and furniture. Whether you’re working inside the car, home, or office, choose Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner for your next leather detail.


Protection Against The Elements And More

Every bottle of Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner comes blended with specialty additives to protect leather surfaces against excess wear and tear. Unique stain guard technology helps repel dirt and stains so leather surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Use Leather Conditioner when detailing steering wheels, shift knobs, and handbrake levers to help maintain a rich leather appearance all year round. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner nourishes and moisturizes leather to keep the fibers of the hide supple, flexible, and strong. Harmful UV rays can promote cracking, fading, and discoloration of leather parts. Leather Conditioner nourishes leather with natural Vitamin E and Aloe extracts that help prolong the life of leather parts in and around any vehicle. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner is the perfect choice to condition and maintain your leather’s soft, fresh, and satiny factory-fresh look, feel, and smell.

Prevent Pain With Good Maintenance Along The Way

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner is perfect for conditioning leather of any age, old or new. Achieve the natural look and feel of soft, fantastic leather with Leather Conditioner. Start by cleaning leather surfaces with Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner to remove excess dirt and grease. Once the surface is clean, spread Leather Conditioner with a premium microfiber applicator pad and work it into the surface like lotion into your skin. Buff off any excess with a microfiber towel, then enjoy the newly-restored soft feel and natural look of fresh leather. Maintain the like-new appearance of leather upholstery with a coat of Leather Conditioner at every detail to keep your car looking and feeling like new for years to come.

Other Sizes Available

Leather Conditioner is available in 4 ounce16 ounce, and 1 gallon sizes.


What do you mean Vacuum?

We don’t just grab a shop vac and vacuum out the car. Any body can do just that and is what most detailer will say is cleaning the carpet. If you get at least a Mini Detail from us, we do not stop with just the shop vac. Its good for picking up large stuff but does not do well at picking up dirt in corners or deep down in the carpet. We pull the seat forward. This gives us access to the carpet and any thing under the seat from the back. We can remove that pen that you lost between the console and the seat. Next we use our shop vac to vacuum up all the big stuff we can get to under there.

Then we use a air gun to blow out any thing the vacuum can not get. We use this blow gun to blow all the dirt out at all the crevices between the car and the carpet. For most detailers this is a good stopping point and would be considered vacuumed. We don’t stop here. We just got started!



After doing all this to the carpet you would think the carpet is clean but,  If your could pull this carpet out of your car and beat it with a stick. You would be surprised how dirty the carpet still is.  However, we can not just pull the carpet out and beat it wit a stick. This old method seams to be the best way to get the carpet clean. We have a tool that does just that with out removing the carpet and putting dust in the air. This tool hits the carpet with air from an air compressor. This lift the dirt up in to the air where a vacuum can pick it up. 

This pneumatic tool will usually will make the carpet look like we just shampooed the carpet with out shampooing the carpet. This is all done with just having us vacuum your carpet. We also remove all the floor mats and vacuum with this tool under them.

Witch wax do you use?

We have 2 different waxs on hand, Jescar/Menzerna Color Lock and Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax. During the summer I like to use Menzerna. It cures quick and last several months in the Texas heat. During cooler weather I use Butter Wet Wax as it cures quick in the cold and last a long time during the cooler weather. However I try to get everyone to get there cars waxed before the cooler weather that way I can use Menzerna that way there car will make it thru the winter and most of the summer with this wax. I do use Butter Wet Wax on cars that have a lot of swirl marks or dead paint as it works well as a all in one paint correction. So it just depends on the car and the conditions on witch wax we use. 

Survive & Prevent being Carjacked

Although it doesn’t receive as much media attention as some other types of crimes, carjacking has once again become one of the top crimes in the country. For unsophisticated car thieves who can’t bypass modern-day car alarms, the crime is an easy way for them to steal a vehicle.

Carjacking is often a quick and brutal crime, one where the criminal uses violence and the force to obtain the vehicle. It’s one of the most dangerous types of crime you can encounter, as there is almost always a weapon and physical attack used during the theft.

Man about to have his car jacked

Carjacking Facts:

  • The Department of Justice reports that there are about 49,000 carjackings every year.
  • 93% of these crimes occur in cities or the suburbs.
  • 92% are committed when the victim is alone in their car.
  • 90% of carjackings involved the use of a weapon, most often a firearm.
  • Most of these violent attacks happen near the victim’s home or place of work.

The most likely places for a carjacking are:

  • High crime areas, mostly in larger urban cities.
  • Intersections, or anywhere that you are forced to come to a stop.
  • Isolated areas in parking lots: Most often in areas with poor lighting and some type of cover for the criminals to hide behind.
  • Home driveways and near gates into gated communities.
  • Traffic jams and congested areas.
  • Outside of ATMs, where criminals tend to target people because they know the victim will have cash.

Staying Safe: Prevent becoming a Carjacking Victim.

Carjackers tend to target people who are alone, and they usually strike when the person is getting ready to get into their vehicle. Parking lots, gas stations, and outside retail stores are all places where you need to be on alert.

When approaching your vehicle, awareness is your best weapon. It is the single most important thing you can do to prevent this crime.

  • Stay alert: Stay alert to what’s going on around you, and watch out for anyone who looks out of place.
  • Be Ready: Keep your keys ready when walking out to your car. Fumbling around for your keys can allow a criminal to get the upper-hand.
  • Look & Listen: Check the inside of your vehicle before getting in; criminals can sometimes be waiting for unsuspecting victims.
  • Know Who’s Lingering Nearby: Watch out for people who are loitering, asking for directions, looking for money or cigarettes, or handing out fliers. These are all techniques that are used by criminals who are looking for a quick and easy target.
  • Trust your instincts: Don’t ever underestimate your gut feelings. If something seems out of place, turn around and go back to where you came from. If you can’t turn around, quickly get in your vehicle, lock the doors, and leave the area immediately.

What to do While Driving:

Driving up to an Intersection

Even those who make it to their vehicle and out onto the road aren’t 100% safe from this type of crime. In fact, roadways are the second most common place for people to be attacked. From stoplights and traffic jams, to criminals who rear end your vehicle to get you to pull over, there are a number of ways these people can target you while out on the road.

Your best line of defense when driving is to make it as hard as possible for criminals to enter your vehicle.

  • Keep your doors locked at all times, windows rolled up when driving in the city, and sun roofs closed.
  • When coming to a stop, leave at least a vehicle and a half of space between you and the car directly in front you. If something happens, this will give you the room to quickly maneuver around the vehicle and make your way to safety.
  • Driving in the center lane can make it harder for criminals to box you in, and can give you more avenues to escape.
  • If someone does hit you from behind, keep your guard up. If something doesn’t seem right, stay in your vehicle with the windows rolled up and the doors locked; then call 911.

What to do when you reach your destination:

Parking a Car in a Parking Lot

This is often a time when people are most at risk, primarily because they drop their guard once they reach their destination.

  • Park in a well-lit area, near the building’s entrance. Make sure you park around other vehicles.
  • Avoid parking near wooded areas, large vans and trucks, or anything that hides your visibility or gives criminals cover to commit their crime.
  • Never leave valuables in plain view for people to see.
  • Look around before you get out of your vehicle. It may also be a good idea to make a loop around the parking lot to check out the situation before parking.

WORSE CASE SCENARIO: Someone attempts to jack your car…

  • Don’t ever Go With: Never get in the car with the criminal, it’s better to lose the car than to lose your life.
  • If they have a gun, Run: Statistics show that if you run, you have somewhere around a 90% chance of being safe. If you get in the vehicle, you probably have a 100% chance of something bad happening.
  • Crash: If for some reason you couldn’t get away and you’re forced to drive, one option you need to consider is buckling up and crashing your car near a busy intersection. Chances are the idiot carjacker didn’t take the time to buckle up, and will hopefully be hurt during the crash. When that happens, get out of the car and run like hell.