Frequently Asked Questions

Cold Weather Detailing?

People ask if we detail in cold weather?

  • Well sort of, between 32 to 40 degrees its very marginal for the performance of most of the products we use. Bellow 40 we are limited to only the interior.
  • 40 to 50 degrees seems to let most products work, but not always at their best. Smearing, streaking, long dry times are the most common problems.
  • 50 degrees seems to be the turning point. Everything seems to work fairly good and the streaking, smearing, long dry times are greatly reduced. 
  • 60 degrees is when it gets back to normal. Products work like they are supposed to and I’m comfortable.
  • In case you haven’t guessed, If it’s 43 degrees and blowing 30 miles an hour, I don’t have much interest in going anywhere. 
  • I do heat some of my chemicals up that helps them work better and because my hands are in the bucks of the chemicals I don’t freeze.
  • It also gets dark quicker and I bring lights out to light up the area that I am working in too.


What do you mean Vacuum?

We don’t just grab a shop vac and vacuum out the car. Any body can do just that and is what most detailer will say is cleaning the carpet. If you get at least a Mini Detail from us, we do not stop with just the shop vac. Its good for picking up large stuff but does not do well at picking up dirt in corners or deep down in the carpet. We pull the seat forward. This gives us access to the carpet and any thing under the seat from the back. We can remove that pen that you lost between the console and the seat. Next we use our shop vac to vacuum up all the big stuff we can get to under there.

Then we use a air gun to blow out any thing the vacuum can not get. We use this blow gun to blow all the dirt out at all the crevices between the car and the carpet. For most detailers this is a good stopping point and would be considered vacuumed. We don’t stop here. We just got started!



After doing all this to the carpet you would think the carpet is clean but,  If your could pull this carpet out of your car and beat it with a stick. You would be surprised how dirty the carpet still is.  However, we can not just pull the carpet out and beat it wit a stick. This old method seams to be the best way to get the carpet clean. We have a tool that does just that with out removing the carpet and putting dust in the air. This tool hits the carpet with air from an air compressor. This lift the dirt up in to the air where a vacuum can pick it up. 

This pneumatic tool will usually will make the carpet look like we just shampooed the carpet with out shampooing the carpet. This is all done with just having us vacuum your carpet. We also remove all the floor mats and vacuum with this tool under them.

Witch wax do you use?

We have 2 different waxs on hand, Jescar/Menzerna Color Lock and Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax. During the summer I like to use Menzerna. It cures quick and last several months in the Texas heat. During cooler weather I use Butter Wet Wax as it cures quick in the cold and last a long time during the cooler weather. However I try to get everyone to get there cars waxed before the cooler weather that way I can use Menzerna that way there car will make it thru the winter and most of the summer with this wax. I do use Butter Wet Wax on cars that have a lot of swirl marks or dead paint as it works well as a all in one paint correction. So it just depends on the car and the conditions on witch wax we use.