Do we use steam to clean the carpet and seats?

The quick answer is no, we have a tool that is way better. We do have a steam cleaner, but that is for another post. Most people refer to a steam cleaner, but what they are asking for is a carpet extractor. A carpet extractor places hot water on the carpet and then the water and dirt are sucked out with a vacuum. The problem with this is that it leaves the carpet and seats very wet. It also does not clean very deep into the carpet.

We use a Tornador, which is a pneumatic tool that blows air and cleaners deep into the carpet leaving the carpet very clean. This brings all the dirt to the surface so that it can be vacuumed up or pulled up with at towel. The Tornador uses very little water, we dry the carpet with a towel. 

Here are a few videos showing the Tornador in action

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