Filtered Water is Here

Our water in Amarillo is one of the hardest water in the US.


If you wash your car with this hard water and don’t dry it right away or park your car next to a sprinkler, then your car is left with water spots. 

This makes it very hard to get a car or RV clean or spot free without scratching it.

We are one of the only  detailer, if not the only one, in the area to use  100% pure water thru a 7 stage Reverse Osmosis (ro) Deionized (di) Treatment plant.  Our water in the West Hills area of Amarillo has a TDS (What is TDS?) rating of 554 PPM (Parts Per Million).






We run our water through the first 3 prefilters. This brings the water down to 120 PPM. Then we run it through 2  Reverse Osmosis membranes. This bring the water down to 5 PPM witch is perfect drinking water and should be spot free at this point but we are not done yet. Finally we run the water thru 2 Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed Deionization filters. This brings the water to 0 PPM witch is suitable for industrial applications such as pharmaceutical and micro-electronics where a higher grade deionized water is required and for washing cars and RVs spot free.

This filtration equipment is bulky and the process takes a while to produce enough RO/DI water for our detailing trailer. So we store our water in our garage in water storage tanks. We store enough water to fill our trailer multiple times during the week with out ever turning on the filtration system. It’s like having a endless supply of high flow clean water at the tap.


Now for our next big adventure and one of the reasons for this new water filtration system: RVs. We want to be able to wash and rinse a RV without drying it. With our new water system, there are no spots! Prices and services will be available soon.

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