Cold Weather Detailing?

People ask if we detail in cold weather?

  • Well sort of, between 32 to 40 degrees its very marginal for the performance of most of the products we use. Bellow 40 we are limited to only the interior.
  • 40 to 50 degrees seems to let most products work, but not always at their best. Smearing, streaking, long dry times are the most common problems.
  • 50 degrees seems to be the turning point. Everything seems to work fairly good and the streaking, smearing, long dry times are greatly reduced. 
  • 60 degrees is when it gets back to normal. Products work like they are supposed to and I’m comfortable.
  • In case you haven’t guessed, If it’s 43 degrees and blowing 30 miles an hour, I don’t have much interest in going anywhere. 
  • I do heat some of my chemicals up that helps them work better and because my hands are in the bucks of the chemicals I don’t freeze.
  • It also gets dark quicker and I bring lights out to light up the area that I am working in too.


High Wind & Detailing

When the wind is blowing over 40 MPH, that can determine if we can detail or not. This  kind of wind is high enough to blow your doors backwards. It can also blow some of our equipment away, mess up our equipment or your car. On windy days, we will decide on a case by case basis. Some people have there house or a building to block the wind and then its not a big deal. As I have always say, “If you don’t like the panhandle weather, then wait a sec and it will change.”