Removing Pet Hair From your Car

Removing pet hair can be one of the most challenging things as a detailer. We have 4 tools that we use. Starting with the most aggressive, The Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover I call it the ugly stick. This tool is great on carpet but do not get it close to plastic as it will scratch the plastic. This tool will remove the most of the pet hair with out much effort. 







The Next tool that we use is a little less aggressive and safe with plastic is the Rubber pet Hair Removal Brush. This will get you next to plastic edges to remove hair with out scratching the plastic. It will require a little more work and a few passes to remove all the hair.


After we have used both of these tools we go back over our spots with a shop vac and suck all the lose hair in to our vac. Now most of the hair can be easily vacuumed up.





Now 99% of most hair can be removed, We go back with rubber gloves and pick out individual hair that are tough to remove and pick them out as the hair will stick to the gloves. 

Here is a video on how to use all these tools: 


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