Our Trailer

We Get a lot of request from people to look at our trailer. So Here we go:

There is a list of specs at the bottom of the photos.


  • Air Compressor – 6.5 CFM @ 90 PSI – 5 Gallon + 2 11 Gallon Tanks for Total of 27 Gallons of air
  • Air Quick Connect is also a air filter & regulator
  • Trailer cooling fans are to cool the air compressor & water pump and force the heat out of the fully enclosed trailer
  • Power Wash Pump – Regulated down to 1600 PSI safe for any car wash
  • 65 Gallon Water Tank – gives us enough water for 4 to 6 Washes or 1 RV We fill it with filtered water
  • Water Tap – gives us a easy way to fill our buckets on site from the tank and is used to fill the tank
  • Power Panel – This allows us to turn on & off the water pump, Fans & Air Compressor as needed
  • 4K Watt Generator – Gives us the power to run all of our tools
  • Pull Out Bucket Tray – This holds 4 Buckets: 2 for the Wheels & 2 For the washing the car
  • Trailer Plugged in for Winter Heat – This is used to keep trailer from freezing at night during the winter.
  • Pull Out Detailing Tray – This is a 5′ x 4′ Tray to Hold all of our Detailing Supplies and to utilize the full space of the trailer
  • Wet & Dry Vac –  1 for wet & 1 for dry pickup 200 CFM Industrial Shop Vacs
  • Steam Cleaner – This is used to get out gum, crayon and sticky goo out of your car
  • Vac Hoses – 2 sets for wet and for dry 11 feet long so we can lay the vac down and reach the entire car with out moving it
  • Blower – This is used to dry the engine if we wash and floor mats.
  • Air Purifier – This is a ozone generator to remove smoke or other smells from the car
  • Concentrated Cleaners – Some cleaners we go thru so quickly in our spray bottles that we carry the concentrated versions of them with us
  • Total weight capacity of the trailer is 2200 LBS. We are caring about 950 LBS with the tank full.


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