How Tos

We recently have detailed a few cars that seam to have been flooded. The owners bought the car not knowing that this has happened. The have us detail them after they purchased them and we find a ton of dirt caked on the undercarriage and in places we can not clean. Please don’t get caught in this scam

You are here, because you want to protect your investment. In between washes and details, there is a few thing that you can do to save you money and protect your car.

Coin Operated Car Wash Tips & Tricks

Dealing with Bird Droppings with out washing

Quick Detail your car: This is a easy way to clean your car quickly after dust, bugs or bird droppings get on your car. Its gives your car that just wash look in just a few minutes. If you have us detail your car bring a empty spray bottle and we will fill it up with some quick detailer that you can use on your car in between washes

Do not use automatic car wash.

Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes