Why no Post and we have been closed?

People are asking why there are not posts and we have been closed since the beginning of the year?

I am a one man shop and on Christmas day 2018, I suffered a stroke. My stroke is what is called a left pons stroke, this is where the brain connects to the spinal cord. The stroke did not affect any part of my memory, thinking or speech. It did however affect my entire right side of my body. I have had to relearn how to swallow, walk and use my right hand. I have come a long ways from the begging of the year. I can now walk with a cane and have full use of my hands. I am going thru therapy several times a week. Our current goals is to do away with my cane and getting my full vision back. I am hopping to have this all done by the middle of April and be back to detailing. When this happens I will make a big announcement and will have a grand reopening.